Various Projects
from the tiny brain of Brad Whitfield

Dart Work

Dart is a language from Google that can be used to create apps that run on he web, or on a server, much like JavaScript. Too see my current play with the language, click the link below.

Coming soon!

Raspberry Pi Projects

Raspberry Pis are awesome pieces of inexpensive hardware. For the current project, a classmate and I are creating a remote control car out of some cheap hardware, a Raspberry Pi, and an Android App for the remote.

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BPM-Based Media Player

It has been shown that running with music at the proper BPM can increase running performance. Well for people with short attention spans like me, the recommended BPM is just a bit slow. That's where this app will come in.

Learn More is a quick list of my interests (even though most are obvious).

  • Computer Geek
    • Coding
    • Hardware
    • Networking
    • Everything
  • I love microbrews and...
  • wife (best together)
  • I do running for endurance
  • Linux zealot
  • Arch Linux fanboy (needs its own bullet)
  • Drum and Bass is the genre of choice

If you are going to suggest a beer to me, please don't suggest an IPA. No matter what you tell me about it, I probably won't drink it. Now if you have a porter or stout suggestion, we can talk.

If you feel like this wasn't enough, for some reason, see the about me page for more.

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